Session 1 Blog Post

This is the post excerpt.


In the first session we went looked into brands. An example of brands that we looked into was Coca Colas and Pepsi’s. We learned about how Coca Cola has hardly ever changed their logo within 100 years which is why there logo is more recognisable. We also learned how Pepsi has changed their logo near enough every other year for the past 100 years. What we learned from that was that if your logo has been used for a long time then people will be able to identify it easily. So you will then in effect get more customers as existing customers will spread the news of the shop through word of mouth.

We also learnt why branding is important for a business. The reason branding is important for Mon Amie Studios is so we can advertise in other places other than our physical store. It is important that we advertise our shop and brand online through our website. The reason for this is so our brand gets more known online, which would in-turn get our business more sales and customers.

Another thing that we looked into and explained were the products that we sell. Mon Amie Studios sell designer clothes for small children and women. We looked into depth in how we actually sell these products. This gave me more insight into how important a website and eBay is in order to gain reputation and sales online.


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