Session 3 Blog Post

Today we learnt about social bookmarking. There are two examples of social bookmarking that we learnt, there was Reddit and Pinterest. Reddit is more of a discussion forum, where users have in-depth discussions with each other. Pinterest is more visual where you post images and other people can ‘pin’ those images which favourites the image so you can look at them in the future.

We created a blog which I am currently using to keep track of all of the lesson we are doing. This is to keep the information fresh into our mind so that we can look in the future for any information we need. A blog is the easy way to find all of the information that we have learnt about. I can then use it in the work place to update customers about our products that we sell and to keep them up to date with the shop.

We also learnt about RSS which is where you can keep track of the social media of other companies. So in the workplace I will follow other clothing companies in the area to keep track of the competition. So that I can see what they are selling, which we can then use to sell products which they do not sell.

We also learned about Amplification and engaging with the audience. If you engage with the audience it makes you feel like you are talking to a human because you get a human reply. So it makes them feel more welcomed to the shop. Also amplification the post so more people can see them.


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