Session 4

Today we learned and researched about the different factors to consider when you are identifying a social media plan for your business. Here are the factors that I considered:


When creating a social media plan it is important to think about the time. You need to look at the times of day when the most people will see your post, the way you can find this out is through analytics. You will need to identify the times and days when it is best to post advertisements online on your social media platforms.


When you are using social media for your business, cost is a big part of choosing which tools you are going to be using. The cost can vary depending on which service you use. The best way to manage all of your social media accounts is through a social media manager tool. These tools usually have to be paid monthly for a more premium version of the tool. If your social media marketing is done through outsourcing then cost could be a major part of your decision. So you really need to think about how much you are willing to pay for advertising. If you advertise on social media sites such as Facebook it could cost you nothing to quite a bit of money. What you want to be happening is that when you pay a lot of money on advertising, is that you get a better return. This could be through your online sales or through increasing the awareness for your company.

Communication Modes

Communication with customers after posting online is important, because of this you will need to think about how you will communicate with your customers. When you are communicating with customers you need to come across in the right way and be relevant to the service or products you are offering. An example for my business is that I would come across helpful and friendly, as I am communicating with customers who manly need help whether it is because an order has not arrived or if they have a question about a certain product. You will need to consider the tone of the business and what language you use on social media as well.


Your content is an important factor when thinking about a social media plan for your business. It has to be relevant to you business and the products/services you are selling. Also by having good content and promoting this content correctly you would increase the click rate on your website. If you are adding new content or advertisements to your website then customers or potential customers are more likely to keep revisiting the website. When you upload content whether it is on social media platforms or your website you have to make sure it is of high quality. It also has to be consistent with the brand or people may not even realise what your company sells. The content should allow customers to engage with you, as this would show them that you care about their opinion and that you are friendly.

We also looked at how social media could fit into the marketing plan of a business. I will tell you exactly why social media is good or a business. When you are marketing a business social media is needed. The reason for this is because you are able to use social media to get customers to visit and engage with your websites, through the social media platforms e.g. Twitter and Instagram. Social media is probably the most effective way that a business is able to communicate with customers. You are also able to gain potential customers by engaging with them. For a business to make social media work you need a plan in action and money put into that marketing plan. The reason for this is so you get a good return on your investment.

I looked through the components of a social media policy. Such as the appropriate use of social media. As well as the crisis that happen. Such as items not being in stock or there being a fire in the shop. We also looked at how we can resolve these crisis. In the not existing stock case, the customer was offered a refund or exchange option. If there was a fire then that would be solved by everyone in the building escaping and calling emergency services.

I also created a media policy for Mon Amie Studios. This policy is for the employees to know what they can or cannot do online. It also shows the customers and public this so they know our employees are professional and that we take privacy and our customers views very seriously.

We looked at risk management and crisis management. Risk management is when you look at potential risk and learn how to combat these risks. I also looked at crisis management so that we have strategies in place to control and solve a crisis if they do take place. This is so they do not get out of hand and cause the company a lot issues. The faster a risk and crisis can be solved the better it is for our company as our reputation will stay the same.


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