Session 2 Blog Post

In session 2 we looked into the marketing techniques that our businesses used. So in my case Mon Amie Studios use both traditional and digital advertisements. An example of a traditional type of advertisement we use is word of mouth. This is very efficient as this is the way we get more customer to visit our store. They tell their friends and then they tell their friends and so on. So our storefront gets more customers through this traditional method.

An example of digital advertising we do is our website. The reason we use a website is so that customers or potential customers can buy our products online. This is beneficial if the customer lives far away or is unable to visit the store during opening times.

We also looked at marketing techniques that we are not currently using but we could use to promote our products more. One of the techniques that I thought was good to use was leaflets. I thought that it was best to use a leaflet in the packages we send off to customers. The leaflet would contain deals in-store and on the website. As well as a discount code for the website.

We also learnt and looked into detail about social networking. Social networking can happen online and offline. It is where people meet or have a talk. An example of this is people meeting to go to a convention. Also you might meet someone on the train and just talk to them about the weather for a bit. Both of these was are social networking cause you are engaging with someone who has common interest.